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CPI Win® FSE - EVAC: how to simulate and value building evacuation according to the FSE

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CPI win® FSE-EVAC is the ONLY software in Europe that lets you simulate and value building evacuation capacity under emergency conditions.  

Building Safer Structures

1. Fire Safety Exemptions When compliance cannot be achieved with the required fire safety standard, CPI win® FSE-EVAC principles allow to obtain fire protection exemptions, especially if planning, architectural, structural or production constraints exist. The program is very useful also in the event that only general prevention and protection principles can be applied.

2. Emergency fire evacuation plan CPI win® FSE-EVAC simulates people evacuation process in order to plan fire drills and practically verify the results. The evacuation of a large number of people in a short period of time can easily cause dangerous situations. CPI win® FSE-EVAC allows to verify if the emergency fire evacuation plan works properly.

Capacity planning of CPI win® FSE-EVAC

CPI win® FSE-EVAC is the first software in Europe that lets you simulate, according to Fire Safety Engineering principles, people evacuation out from dangerous building (with or without fire emergency), taking into account in addition to structural and environmental situation, also behavior and movement of people involved. CPI win® FSE-EVAC employs ISO TR 16738:2009 technical information and it considers FED (Fraction Effective Dose).

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